You All Are Great, Please Continue to Spread the Word

This experiment in surprise-prompt-generated combat-fiction has been, easily, the best experience I have ever had online. The arena continues to produce amazing stories, thoughtful comments, and weird-as-hell prompts.

The biggest surprise for me, however, has been the great people who have come to compete, read, comment and ultimately become part of our little-but-fast-growing community. Twitter is constantly abuzz with posts about the arena, there is a real sense of relish when each new week starts, and I find myself checking in constantly throughout the day once the stories are up to see if anyone has added to the conversation.

Put simply, you all are great.

And I want more of you.

I wanted to write a quick post to encourage you all to go out and recruit someone new to the arena. Drop a message on Facebook, share us on Twitter, email a favorite story to a friend, casually mention us to Oprah, every little bit of growth is hugely important to us.

Next Monday the arena starts up again with head-to-head competitions and we’ll be back to the regular whirlwind of activity and won’t have much time for rallying posts, but for this week, please give some thought to passing along our great content to some of your word-loving friends.

Thanks so much,

Joseph Devon

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