Winter Slumber

Arena ClosedIt has been an amazing eight months here at this website. We have hosted 25 battles spanning topics from the hilarious to the bizarre.

More importantly we’ve been able to post astounding stories left and right.

And, maybe most important of all, it’s been a thrill to watch you all discuss the stories and vote each week and make this website into a home for readers.

That being said, we at the arena are burnt the fuck out.

So we are rolling out the tarp and shuttering up the windows for a little break.

We will be back with fresh battles in the new year, and we’ll be posting here throughout December with some fun surprises and a look back at these past eight months.

Thanks so much for all of your support and know that the quills will clash again in 2015.


photo credit: Chris Robertshaw via photopin cc

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  1. End of year, Best Of Brawl?

  2. It’s hard enough picking winners week to week!

    That’s still an interesting idea, though. How would you see that working?

    • Hey, now. I’m an idea man. Like every officer / manager, I throw up unworkable brilliance, then take all the credit when the bright kids behind the scenes make it somehow work.

      But were it up to me alone, I’d ask the past judges to nominate their three favorite tales, cull that list by awarding points to whomever got the most noms as well as which noms actually won their weeks. Take that truncated list of say five stories and ask the public to rank them one to five in sort of an instant runoff vote. Award the winner a coveted No Prize.

      • I’m sure there could be some prize. Maybe something along the lines of a Faux Prize. Or maybe a Marginal-at-Best Prize that includes a 4 dollar gift card to a Russian meat market.

        • There’s nothing wrong with a gift card to a Russian meat market. There’s quite a lot wrong with the meat in the Russian meat market – some of it still weakly pleading for mercy or bearing identifiable tattoos – but, you know, the concept itself is sound.

          This place needs a forum, by the way. So the crazy can be contained.

  3. Contained, displayed, celebrated…I’m in for a TWA forum.

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