We Need Writers!

The Writer’s Arena is looking for new word warriors to step into the ring. We want fierce and determined people who can work on a deadline and aren’t afraid of a prompt that they have no foreknowledge of. You will have ten days to finish your short story, at which point you will go head-to-head against another author and our judges and audience will decide the winner.

Sportsmanship is important. We need authors who are willing to participate graciously and to accept their criticisms in stride. We want people who are active participants and would be willing to talk about their experiences in the ring.

Please submit your application to thewritersarena@gmail.com to be considered. Please put TWA Application in the subject field, and attach (or link) a piece of fiction that you have written. It doesn’t have to have been published before, as we are looking for quality writing more than anything else.

We pay a base level of $5 and a percentage of donations. This will increase as the arena gains popularity.

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