We Are Proud To Announce Our First Anthology

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HannahWe have dropped it a few times in social media and hinted at it with photos, but now it is time to officially announce that our first anthology is available wherever fine books are sold as well as on the Kindle.

The anthology contains the first ten battles that we hosted here at the arena, including the battle that started it all where Albert Berg jumped into the fray against Joseph Devon.

Each battle contains an essay from one of the authors discussing what it was like to take on that particular challenge, and all of the judgements have beenRich documented in the text.

We are proud to be releasing this book. It looks great. It reads great. It encapsulates everything we wanted the arena to become once we figured out what the arena was going to be.

David 2Please buy and share with all of your friends and family, and encourage them to buy and share, and so on and so forth.

Thank you all so much for coming along for this ride, and now we are off to begin putting the next ten battles together into our second anthology.

(Oh and feel free to shoot us pics of your copy, we love seeing where our book lands!)

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