TWA #88 – Man’s Best Friend

“One of Nine” by Phil Melchers


TWA 88 SmallWell it’s a weird week here at the arena, short story lovers. There was the obvious confusion that Labor Day Weekend brought us and the delay there, and then for this week’s battle we only wound up with one competitor’s story.

However, we wanted Phil Melchers to be published and showcased like all of our other authors, so we are going ahead despite there not really being a competition. Joseph Devon had an old story that fit with the prompt, so we’re putting that out there, though Mister Devon’s story was not written for or within the guidelines of our competition, so it’s there mainly as balance.

Let’s check in with our prompt.

We’ve had bugs, monsters, vampires, and sharks in the arena thus far. We’ve encountered beasts and animals of all kinds, but we have never explored animals as companions before. A pet can absolutely define a character, like Voldemort and his little snake friend. Owning a pet can be a passage into adulthood, as with Old Yeller. Or a pet can be another way to bring horror into a family’s lives like with Cujo.

We don’t particularly care what type of pet our authors use or what angle they take with it, but their task was to write us a story in which the owner/pet relationship is central to the tale.

Phil Melchers is…well he’s the only actual author competing this week and he brings us “One of Nine.”

Then we threw in an old story from Joe about a bear: “A Meeting in the Bends.”

There’s no competition this week so there won’t be a poll and I honestly don’t know what the judges are going to do?



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