TWA #65 – The Afterlife

“Devil’s Reign” by Joseph Devon


“Endless Rite” by Tony Southcotte

TWA 65 Main-01Greetings short story lovers, and welcome to this week’s prompt.

Death is no stranger to The Writer’s Arena. We’ve seen the world end, murders committed, and lives snuffed out in loads of creative ways.

But what comes next? What happens after that last breath is drawn and the spirit leaves the body?

It’s a question that humans have tried to answer for all of recorded history. Heaven, Hell, Valhalla, the Plains of Elysium, the River Styx, and many many more such concepts have been an integral part of human society and by extension, our art.

Now, it is The Arena’s turn to explore what comes after death. Our authors were ordered to write a story featuring the afterlife. It may be an idea of the afterlife that has existed for thousands of years, or it can be something they make up, but it must be central to their story.

Who will live forever and who will remain in the cold, cold ground?

Let’s find out!

Joseph Devon represents the arena this week with “Devil’s Reign.”


Tony Southcotte is also battling this week? An arena denizen battling an arena denizen?

Yes! Due to scheduling conflicts Tony Southcotte jumps into the fray with “Endless Rite.” And it absolutely needs to be said that Tony, filling in on the fly, had to write his story in a shorter amount of time than usual. With a disadvantage like that he is definitely the away team.

And with that…Battle Afterlife is on!!!!

We have two judges that will render their decision next Monday. The third vote comes from you, the readers. We ask that you read both stories objectively, and then leave a comment below or on the story itself. Authors are not allowed to comment on their own stories, but we’re sure they’ll be checking in here. We’ll tally up the totals and announce our champion on Monday.

And remember, if you like one of this week’s stories, vote it up in the new all-time best of list (new stories appear at the bottom).


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