TWA #46 – Who Was That Masked Man Battle Thread

“Sky Kid and Captain Tomorrow” by Joseph Devon

“Dionysia’s Bridle” by L. K. Feuerstein”


TWA 46Welcome, short story lovers, to our 46th battle.

We have always worn false faces. As far back as human civilization can be traced, masks have been found in wildly different cultures, used for any number of things, carnal or spiritual. They have made men equals in mystery and they have separated them by rank.

Our author’s challenge this week was to write a story about a mask. Not a metaphorical mask of hidden emotions, but a real tangible physical mask.

Who will don the tragic mask and who will wear the mask of smiles?

Let’s find out!

Representing the arena this week is Joseph Devon with “Sky Kid and Captain Tomorrow.”

Battling him is L.K. Feuerstein with “Dionysia’s Bridle.”

And remember, if you like one of this week’s stories, vote it up in the new all-time best list (new stories appear at the bottom).

The Mask Match-Up is on!

Read, comment, vote, enjoy!

We have two judges that will render their decision next Monday. The third vote comes from you, the readers. We ask that you read both stories objectively, and then leave a comment below or on the story itself. Authors are not allowed to comment on their own stories, but we’re sure they’ll be checking in here. We’ll tally up the totals and announce our champion on Monday.


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  1. I enjoyed both stories immensely! Both were well written with interesting material. ‘Sky Kid’ was an interesting setting. It was tense and I could feel the grit and violence in every word. That being said, it felt like it was pulled from a longer material. The ending felt a bit rushed, and the characters a tad cliche. ‘Dionysia’ was incredibly written. The religious intolerance was disturbing and fascinating. If not graphic. It’s a close race, bit I think ‘Dionysia’ takes it.

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