TWA #3 – The Butler Did It Battle Thread!

TWA #3 – The Lovebug Murders by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
TWA #3 – God of Fire, God of Ashes by Albert Berg


WhodunnitWith this week’s challenge being all about the whodunit, mysterious murders abound in the arena, but there will be no doubt over which of our authors reigns supreme.

Both of these challengers should be familiar to fans of the Human Echoes Podcast. One is our shiny headed co-host, Albert Berg. The other, a frequent contributor to the podcast, is Donald Jacob Uitvlugt. For the first time, these heavy hitting authors face off in The Writer’s Arena.

Albert Berg brings you God of Fire, God of Ashes. Will his lamp be choked out? Or will the fire gods of old prevail?

On the opposite side of the spec-fic universe, the proud and mighty Dutchman, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, brings you a creepy and crawly small-town murder story with The Lovebug Murders. Will he catch the crook along with the victory? Or will Donald’s words end up as worm food?

We have two judges that will render their decision by Friday. The third vote comes from you, the readers. We ask that you read both stories objectively, and then leave a comment below or on the story itself. Authors aren’t allowed to comment on their own stories, but we’re sure they’ll be checking in here. We’ll tally up the totals and announce our champion on Friday the 30th.

On a side note, we are paying our authors a base level rate at the moment, but if you really enjoyed their story and want to help us make sure these awesome people get paid, please donate below. 75% goes to the author, the rest goes to keeping this place up and running.

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  1. Well done gentlemen. Another fantastic battle!

  2. Again, the arena doesn’t fail to disappoint!
    Donald’s story was superbly creepy. Did anyone else picture Jeffrey Combs as the entomologist?
    Albert’s story was beautifully written, and I have to admit that although I had the clues right in front of me I didn’t figure it out until the end.
    I pity the judges that have to decide between these two.

  3. TLM is a great example of nouveau noir, in my opinion. A bit staccato, but what the hell, it’s nouveau noir. Nice and creepy twist at the end.

    GOFGOA effectively delivers its sense of sadness. I found the motives a bit puzzling, but then again, I’m a heathen, and these religious things usually fly right over my head. Great “back to the beginning” ending.

  4. Okay. After some debate I’m going with Al’s story, despite the fact that he stretched the prompt pretty thinly. I can’t exactly belabor that point as I did the same thing last week.

    So I choose GOFGOA.

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  6. Might be a bit late for it, but I have to go with Al’s. I did a few read throughs and I couldn’t get over how awesome a whodunnit that kills a god is. This isn’t easy to pick for.

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