TWA #2 – A Sense of Scale – Battle Thread!

TWA #2 – Creatures Great and Small by Caleb Newell

TWA#2 – Expanding Scope by Joseph Devon


The authorial sands of The Writer’s Arena are thirsty for blood and ink! This true debut of the arena comes in all shapes and sizes, all relative times and places. A Sense of Scale is the name of the game, and our gladiators have brought weapons both great and small.

Today we bring you a bout between a pair of east coast titans. Representing The Writer’s Arena and a member of the Human Echoes crew is Joseph Devon. Fighting out of New York City by way of New Jersey, Joseph brings the literary heat with a story called Expanding Scope.

In the challenger’s corner, a West Virginian stands tall. A cerebral fighter, Caleb Newell can calculate just how hard he’s going to bring the typewriter down on his opponent. Weighing in at a meaty 1800 words, Caleb presents his story Creatures Great and Small.

It’s a near microscopic battle with universal implications here folks, and we need your help to decide a winner. We ask that you please put your thoughts in the comment section below. We’re looking for thoughtful criticism, and anything mean or crude will be deleted.

Authors aren’t allowed to comment on their own stories, but we’re sure they’ll be checking in here. We have two judges that will render their decision by Friday. The third vote comes from you, the readers. We ask that you read both stories objectively, and then leave a comment below. We’ll tally up the totals and announce our champion on Friday the 23rd.

On a side note, we are paying our authors a base level rate at the moment, but if you really enjoyed their story and want to help us make sure these awesome people get paid, please donate below. 75% goes to the author, the rest goes to keeping this place up and running.



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  1. Both authors took the prompt in an unexpected direction, much more interesting than giant poodles and such. Joseph’s entry was emotionally driven, sad but beautiful, while Caleb’s was analytical and slightly tragic (on a small scale of course).

    Both were very well written stories, and judgement between the two will be difficult.

  2. Man, I wish my vote counted this much in local politics. This is a rough choice. Am I going to have to dig through the criteria and let the prompt decide? You have an emotional literary story, then an awesome account of space and time.

    I’ll make up my mind soon, but good show fellas.

  3. I agree with Jen. I thought both authors did well in that they showed the scale by comparing their own lives to other objects outside of themselves.With that said, I feel like Caleb should be the victor. In his story, I enjoyed how he wove two completely different stories seamlessly together, and with it I had a better sense of what was going on. Joseph’s story was decent, but I will admit I had a bit of confusion when I first read through it. Otherwise, a lovely job done by both contestants.

  4. Both stories were very well written and dealt with questions of scale in an unexpected way. (I probably would have taken an Alice in Wonderland approach somehow…)

    But in the end, I have to vote for the story that had the most emotional impact on me. That would be Joseph’s.

  5. I think CGAS has a nice pace and rhythm. I find the practical time contrasts a bit unbelievable, even though the theoretical contrasts are explained sufficiently. I’m partial to stories which give a non-human perspective, we need more of those in the world.

    ES is griping in its emotion, obviously. The explosions – the rage and the fireworks – seem to have a childlike surface treatment, which would be understandable from the child’s perspective. The treatment, however, seems the same from the adult perspective. This story is intense, very real.

  6. I realized I posted in the wrong section for the scale between the two. I like both stories however I pick Joseph’s due to the emotional connection to my own life. Thanks to both for awesome read. 🙂

  7. I think I have to go with Joseph Devon’s story. This was a very hard choice. I had to go with the one that left a larger emotional impact with me.

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