TWA #14 – Cthulhu in Space Battle Thread!

“The Incident in the Delta Quadrant” by Joseph Devon


“Above” by David Webb


Cthulhu in SpaceWelcome short story lovers!

In the depths of space there are dark things far beyond human comprehension. Old Gods, insane Gods, and of course, a healthy dose of tentacles.

This week we force our competitors to the brink of madness as we challenge them to write a Cthulhu in Space story.

Joseph Devon finds the thing that should not be with “The Incident in the Delta Quadrant.”

Our challenger this week is David Webb, who drops in with “Above.”

Battle #13 is live!

Read! Vote! Comment! Enjoy!

We have two judges that will render their decision by Friday. The third vote comes from you, the readers. We ask that you read both stories objectively, and then leave a comment below or on the story itself. Authors aren’t allowed to comment on their own stories, but we’re sure they’ll be checking in here. We’ll tally up the totals and announce our champion on Friday.

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On a side note, we are paying our authors a base level rate at the moment, but if you really enjoyed their story and want to help us make sure these awesome people get paid, please donate below. 75% goes to the author, the rest goes to keeping this place up and running.

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  3. I vote for Joseph Devon. The characters were so clearly described and the action and plot twists kept me riveted!

  4. My vote’s for Joseph Devon. I really liked the unique angle on the Lovecraft mythos.

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