TWA #11 – Steamy Revenge Battle Thread

“The Aether Mine” by Ellie Ann


“The Weight and the Balance” by Albert Berg


Steampunk Hand CannonWelcome short story lovers. It is time to pit two tales of steampunk vengeance against one another.

Albert Berg winds up and lets go, bringing us a tale with western flair in: “The Weight and the Balance.”

Ellie Ann strikes back with her sweeping Victorian Age airships in: “The Aether Mine.”

Our battle of dirty clockwork justice is on.

Read! Comment! Enjoy! Discuss!

We have two judges that will render their decision by Friday. The third vote comes from you, the readers. We ask that you read both stories objectively, and then leave a comment below or on the story itself. Authors aren’t allowed to comment on their own stories, but we’re sure they’ll be checking in here. We’ll tally up the totals and announce our champion on Friday.

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On a side note, we are paying our authors a base level rate at the moment, but if you really enjoyed their story and want to help us make sure these awesome people get paid, please donate below. 75% goes to the author, the rest goes to keeping this place up and running.

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  1. And I am supposed to choose between these two…

  2. Jon Jones (@dvwhat)

    Wow. This is a fun battle. Tough, but fun.

  3. Jeez, guys, did you have to set the bar for any future submissions so damn high?

  4. This is easily the best week of the Arena yet. You judges certainly have your work cut out for you…

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