TWA Tournament Championship – Butter – JUDGEMENT!

Today is the day we crown a champion. Thousands of words have been spilled and by the end of this post, seven combatants will have been struck down. Who will take home the spoils of victory? The prompt was tormenting and insane. Who can come up with a compelling tale … Continue reading

TWA Tournament – Flash Fiction Contest – JUDGEMENT!

The first wave of butter has splashed against the walls of the arena, and we have selected a winner for our flash fiction contest. All of our competitors are former arena combatants. They found their way back into the sands of the arena just to give you more of that … Continue reading

TWA #52 – Quit Bugging Me – JUDGEMENT!


Happy Monday arena readers! If it isn’t a happy Monday, crush it like one of the bugs in our stories. You’ll feel better. Now, let’s dole out some literary violence. This week we have an infestation. Bugs and spiders straight from the laboratories of mad scientists have filled every nook and … Continue reading

TWA #10 – Machine Made Art

True art has always been a human endeavor, an expression of emotion and subtlety that has been unique to our species thus far. This week, we ask that you write a short story about a machine that produces art. The definition of machine is broad in this, so make sure … Continue reading

TWA #9 – Short Story “Pillow” by Hannah-Elizabeth Noelle Thompson

In the beginning, the streets were still safe to drive on. It was only an occasional storm, the rain was brown in color and a bit sticky as it dried. The air was thick with a humidity that smelled faintly of cocoa after each downpour. Conspiracy theorists accused the government of … Continue reading

TWA #9 – Dessert Island Challenge

It’s time for a fresh writing prompt. This week’s short stories will be all about being sweet, but we’re not discussing personalities. No, this week the arena centers around cookies, cakes, chocolate, pies, ice cream, candy, or any other delicious foodstuff our authors can think of. The challenge is to write a story about … Continue reading

TWA #8 – “Ragna­Roach: A Remembrance” by Daniel Hale

The shores of New Salza thronged with mourning citizens, gazing out to the sea to pay their respects to the city’s beloved monster. More than a few heads sported commemorative feelers, drooping sadly at the passing of Ragna-Roach, the giant mutated isopod that has consistently terrorized and decimated this city … Continue reading

Not in My Write Mind: Rumble in The Writer’s Arena, Part 3

‘Not In My Write Mind’ features trials and tales from my quest to go from a mediocre writer to a published mediocre writer. Please feel free to share in my struggle and laugh at my pain. Click here to read Part 2 As my day in the Human Echoes Podcast … Continue reading