TWA #52 – Quit Bugging Me – JUDGEMENT!


Happy Monday arena readers! If it isn’t a happy Monday, crush it like one of the bugs in our stories. You’ll feel better. Now, let’s dole out some literary violence. This week we have an infestation. Bugs and spiders straight from the laboratories of mad scientists have filled every nook and … Continue reading

The Story So Far…

Here are some quick facts as we look back over all the stories from 2014. The arena: Ended the world 9 times Brushed with war 5 times Fell in love 8 times Met talking (earth-based) animals 4 times Visited space 10 times Interacted with 11 murderers Had 10 female protagonists and 30 … Continue reading

TWA #12 – Short Story “Discs of Gold” by Tony Southcotte

Discs of Gold

Kara sat in a haze of cigarette smoke illuminated only by her monitor. On the screen, hundreds of forum posts scrolled along as she looked for a new target. Another pseudo-anonymous kid posted about global warming and the bullshit corruption that was going on in Washington to cover it up. … Continue reading

TWA #8 – “Illuminating Lunatics” by Tony Southcotte

Tired of being ignored, the Council of the New Illuminati decided that they had to come up with a new method of getting noticed. Something not even politicians, bureaucrats, and warmongers could ignore. They needed to send a message that the scientific community knew what was best for earth. So … Continue reading

TWA #5 – Soul for Sale – JUDGEMENT DAY!

Our warrior writers have fought admirably, but ultimately only one can emerge victorious. Our esteemed judges have sifted through the carnage and rendered their decisions. So here we go, TWA #5 – Soul to Sell Judgement Day. If you haven’t already, check out David Webb’s Going Cheap and Tony Southcotte’s Frozen … Continue reading

TWA #5 – Soul for Sale Battle Thread

“Going Cheap” by David Webb “Frozen Chosin” by Tony Southcotte   Greetings, lovers of short stories. Join us today as we sell our souls to the highest bidder. Granted, there is usually only one bidder, but some get a better deal than others. Our challenger this week hails from the UK. … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: David Webb

Born in England, David tried to identify his ancestral roots by having his DNA tested. The lab results came back accompanied by a note reading simply “oh dear.” He lives somewhere in the middle of England, where his tendency for sarcasm and his crippling addiction to tea pass without comment … Continue reading