TWA Author Blog – Deleted Scenes by David Webb

The following is a post from David Webb, TWA #5 competitor. He wrote an awesome story called Going Cheap, which you should definitely read. In this post he talks about killing his favorite scenes to make a story work better. — 4500 words is not nearly as much room as you … Continue reading

TWA #5 – Soul for Sale Battle Thread

“Going Cheap” by David Webb “Frozen Chosin” by Tony Southcotte   Greetings, lovers of short stories. Join us today as we sell our souls to the highest bidder. Granted, there is usually only one bidder, but some get a better deal than others. Our challenger this week hails from the UK. … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: David Webb

Born in England, David tried to identify his ancestral roots by having his DNA tested. The lab results came back accompanied by a note reading simply “oh dear.” He lives somewhere in the middle of England, where his tendency for sarcasm and his crippling addiction to tea pass without comment … Continue reading

The Process, Part II: From Zeroeth to Final Draft by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

The Process, Part II: From Zeroeth to Final Draft To read part one of Donald’s post, click here. I’m going to let you in on a secret. Virtually every word of fiction I’ve ever written I’ve written out longhand first. Some of it is a convenience issue. Given that I … Continue reading

Author Spotlight – CM Stewart

CM Stewart is a science fiction and psychological horror writer. Only 1.7 million years late to be the first hominid to discover and use fire, she enjoys camping and poking things with sticks. Stewart lives in a trailer park in New Hampshire, 100 feet from a former Superfund site, where … Continue reading

The Process, Part 1 by Albert Berg

Not to be outdone, Albert Berg has struck back against Donald and his so called “Process.”  In a fiery rebuttal the likes of which will surely net a pair of retweets, Al had this to say. So, @HaikuFictionDJU made a post about his process for writing his Writer’s Arena story. … Continue reading

The Process, Part I: Brainstorming by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

When Tony first e-mailed me [Donald Jacob Uitvlugt] about taking part in The Writer’s Arena, I was extremely flattered. He and Albert haven’t seen that much of my work besides what I’ve submitted to the Human Echoes Podcast contests. I took their confidence that I could contribute something worthwhile to … Continue reading

Caleb Newell – Author Spotlight

Caleb Newell is a full-time Whovian, a part-time brony and a computer science major in West Virginia. He enjoys peanut butter on his waffles and has a preference for women whose names rhyme with ‘banana a-ritz-a-bits tomb-sun’, and for swords made of diamond. His favorite algorithm is Quicksort, and his … Continue reading