TWA 71 – Haunted House – JUDGEMENT!

Much like the specters of our stories, Monday haunts us all. Today is especially taxing for our US friends, as they line up pleading with the government for their returns. Let’s have a moment of silence for all the accountants who couldn’t be here for our literary death match. Haunted Houses have … Continue reading

TWA #64 – Robots – JUDGEMENT!


The collective presidents of the United State’s birthdays are being celebrated today, which begs the question: Do robots count their birthday by manufactured date or when they get turned on? How many presidents were robots? Place your baseless accusations in the comments! Robots have rattled and clanked their way through … Continue reading

TWA Tournament – Flash Fiction Contest – JUDGEMENT!

The first wave of butter has splashed against the walls of the arena, and we have selected a winner for our flash fiction contest. All of our competitors are former arena combatants. They found their way back into the sands of the arena just to give you more of that … Continue reading

TWA #52 – Quit Bugging Me – JUDGEMENT!


Happy Monday arena readers! If it isn’t a happy Monday, crush it like one of the bugs in our stories. You’ll feel better. Now, let’s dole out some literary violence. This week we have an infestation. Bugs and spiders straight from the laboratories of mad scientists have filled every nook and … Continue reading