TWA #12 – Short Story “The London Hammer” by Tomi Wiley

The London Hammer

Looking back, it turns out it was a love story after all. Perhaps the first the earth has ever known, and definitely the most violent. Kara stared up at the seamless silver ceiling, watching ripples of light across its surface cast from stars that had gasped and died millennia ago, … Continue reading

TWA #12 – Short Story “Discs of Gold” by Tony Southcotte

Discs of Gold

Kara sat in a haze of cigarette smoke illuminated only by her monitor. On the screen, hundreds of forum posts scrolled along as she looked for a new target. Another pseudo-anonymous kid posted about global warming and the bullshit corruption that was going on in Washington to cover it up. … Continue reading

TWA #11 – Steampunk Revenge – JUDGEMENT!

Another Friday, another hard fought round in The Writer’s Arena. Ellie Ann hit hard with “The Aether Wars.” Albert Berg lashed back with “The Weight and the Balance.” Who was the winner? Let’s see what the judges have to say. Donald Jacob Uitvlugt is our guest judge this week (we … Continue reading

TWA #11 – Steamy Revenge Battle Thread

“The Aether Mine” by Ellie Ann vs “The Weight and the Balance” by Albert Berg   Welcome short story lovers. It is time to pit two tales of steampunk vengeance against one another. Albert Berg winds up and lets go, bringing us a tale with western flair in: “The Weight and the Balance.” … Continue reading


Our warrior writers have fought admirably, but ultimately only one can emerge victorious. Our esteemed judges have sifted through the carnage and rendered their decisions. Without further ado, here is what they had to say on TWA #8 Donald Jacob Uitvlugt is our guest judge this week. Donald strives to write what … Continue reading

TWA Short Story Challenge #8 – TYKTWD


Welcome lovers of short stories. This week we have a writing prompt that will please the big-hearted in all of us. The really big-hearted. Like…the absolutely monstrously massively huge-hearted. The prompt is: “Take your kaiju to work day.” And what does that mean? Well, we’ve all seen movies where some … Continue reading