“Three Daughters Fight For the Secrets of Color and One Earns It” by Ellie Ann

Once upon a time there were three daughters born to the Master Painter (the one who had inherited the secrets of color). The first daughter had eyes that saw sharp and clear (they were the color of moss after a rain) and she spent her days at the library devoted … Continue reading

TWA #52 – Quit Bugging Me – JUDGEMENT!


Happy Monday arena readers! If it isn’t a happy Monday, crush it like one of the bugs in our stories. You’ll feel better. Now, let’s dole out some literary violence. This week we have an infestation. Bugs and spiders straight from the laboratories of mad scientists have filled every nook and … Continue reading

“Abysmal Midnight Blue” by Bret Carter

“Do I get any last words?” Garvey asked. The skinny tech checked his vitals. He didn’t seem rattled about being in the presence of a convicted killer. In fact, no one seemed uptight at all. “Technically, it’s not an execution.” Garvey kept his hands at his sides. Deep breath. Everyone … Continue reading