“I’ll Call You Later” by Danny Brophy

The phone had rung every day, 5:31 P.M., for six days now. The first two calls went unanswered because who answers a phone call from an unknown number? No voicemails. The third day, after answering, there’s nothing but silence, until after one minute, one full minute, like an old telephone … Continue reading

“Monster Trap” by Lu Whitley

  “Thomas, come eat your lunch.” “I’m busy,” Thomas’s squeaky voice answered from the living room, followed by a suspicious crash. “What in Heaven’s name are you doing in here?” I rounded the wall that separated rooms and walked smack into a tower of furniture. My grandmother’s glass side table … Continue reading

“Scientific Inquiry” by J.R.D. Skinner

The judge waited, and the attorney repeated his question. “Professor Riddle, how do you explain the video?” The answer finally came. “Simply: It’s not me.” Tugging at a well-tailored suit cuff, the lawyer, Benson, nodded. “That does appear to be you shouting,” he replied. “Look,” answered Riddle, as he ran … Continue reading