TWA #17 – Short Story “Big Top Barry and Tammy the Lion Tamer” by Danny Brophy

Circus Short Story

“Big Top Barry wrapped those big hands around the bar and bent his knees. His thin tank top stretched with old sweat across his smooth muscles. The crackling speakers let out a drumroll. The audience in the dark held their breath, held the hands of each other, and waited. Using an … Continue reading

TWA #17 – Short Story “Blood in the Tent” by Jyoji Fee

Trapeeze Story

  “Ladies and gentlemen!” echoed the voice of the Ringmaster. “If you’ll turn your attention to the very top of the tent!” The spotlights swung up, illuminating a single figure standing on the highest platform. “Watch carefully as this maneuver has never been performed for the eyes of an audience!” … Continue reading