The Story So Far…

Here are some quick facts as we look back over all the stories from 2014. The arena: Ended the world 9 times Brushed with war 5 times Fell in love 8 times Met talking (earth-based) animals 4 times Visited space 10 times Interacted with 11 murderers Had 10 female protagonists and 30 … Continue reading

TWA #10 – Short Story “Blue Swan” by Joseph Devon

Gus sat across from the android at the kitchen table. The android was powered down, its forearm was resting on the table with a rectangular hatch popped open along the wrist exposing some wiring and a slot for a data card. The android’s face was handsome, and even powered down … Continue reading

TWA #10 – Machine Made Art

True art has always been a human endeavor, an expression of emotion and subtlety that has been unique to our species thus far. This week, we ask that you write a short story about a machine that produces art. The definition of machine is broad in this, so make sure … Continue reading

TWA #6 – Edge of the Universe – JUDGEMENT

Our warrior writers have fought admirably, but ultimately only one can emerge victorious. Our esteemed judges have sifted through the carnage and rendered their decisions. So here we go, TWA #6 – The Edge of the Universe Judgement Day. If you haven’t already, check out Joseph Devon’s “The Pedestal” and Nick … Continue reading

TWA #6 – Short Story “The Pedestal” by Joseph Devon

The Pedestal by Joseph Devon The realtor clutched her portfolio against her chest as she watched Mr. and Mrs. Gendarme examine the living room. Mr. Gendarme was an older man, his body short and squat. His face seemed constantly angered as his bushy eyebrows followed his gaze all around the … Continue reading