The Story So Far…

Stats-001Here are some quick facts as we look back over all the stories from 2014.

The arena:

  • Ended the world 9 times
  • Brushed with war 5 times
  • Fell in love 8 times
  • Met talking (earth-based) animals 4 times
  • Visited space 10 times
  • Interacted with 11 murderers
  • Had 10 female protagonists and 30 male
  • Got to know 6 robots
  • Hung out with gods 5 times
  • Collected bugs 3 times
  • Got sick 4 times
  • Had 12 stories in which nothing died

The Arena Conscientious Objector Award goes to Danny Brophy, for not involving war once.

The Arena Humanitarian Award goes to Albert Berg, for not ever taking the time to threaten the end of the world.

The Arena Pacifist Award goes to Joseph Devon, for having four entire stories where nothing died; the rest of the arena writers had fours stories combined without death.

The Arena Award of Destruction goes to Tony Southcotte, who ended the world twice, destroyed major cities, and still had time to visit a major war.

The Rookie of the Year Award goes, without a doubt, to Hannah-Elizabeth Thompson, who is new to this writing thing and only subbed in a couple of times but still managed to end the world.

It’s been a good year…

photo credit: luc legay via photopin cc

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  1. Hey, at least I created the universe in my last one. That has to count for something, right? Maybe a negative one on the world ending thing.

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