Steely Eyed Wordsmith: David Webb interviews David Webb about his new podcast

Steely Eyed Wordsmith is a new podcast produced by arena veteran, David Webb (Fish Out of Water” “Going Cheap“). He discusses all things authorly with his clone…David Webb.


What’s a Steely Eyed Wordsmith, Dave?

Well, Dave, it’s the sort of writer who can approach any project or any idea with the kind of calm assurance that would make lesser mortals gasp in awe. They are the kind of writer that advertisers want to sell things to, but can’t. They can’t because ad copy is just words, and words are the plaything of the Steely Eyed Wordsmith. They are the kind of writer that gets things done, finished, and out into the world.

You’re not promising much, then?

It’s not all me making this happen. Our job is to kick ideas and concepts around and help other writers figure out how they work best.

And we do this with a podcast? Must be a heck of a podcast.

It’s about fifteen minutes long, airing weekly courtesy of those wonderful folks at the ComicNoobs Podcast.

How would you describe it?

A sort of edu-sitcom. A man and his weird science clone talk about writing and occasionally deliver useful information, sometimes despite themselves.

OK, but why a clone?

That’s part of a long running joke. I wanted to do a fake fancast for the Human Echoes Podcast, something about fan fiction. I couldn’t quite organize a co-host so I cloned myself. The fancast went over so well, I decided to keep it going and now I’m a one person double act.


So far, it is. And it seems to be going over quite well. We’re five episodes in with a sixth being written for the weekend. So far we’ve covered finding a title, writing tools, the importance of reading, first drafts, and the fundamentals of punctuation and grammar.

In fifteen minute bursts?

I prefer to think of it as being in easily digested chunks not taken too seriously. There’s some story being woven around the writing talk, which is all very fast and loose at the moment, but over the weeks to come will eventually build into something else.

Are you sure about that?

It’s the plan. Plus, we’re looking at bringing in guests and appearances from published authors to give their perspectives and tell their stories.

It won’t just be you talking to yourself, then?


And if you want to send questions to this podcast, or volunteer to be on it, or something, how do people get hold of you?

The best way is probably to use Twitter. I’m @dococcupant
You can also reach the clone:
Or, if you’re in the UK, pop round. Kettle’s on. Bring biscuits.

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