So this will be happening about once a month…

Lovers of short stories,

We would love nothing more than to constantly invade your brains with tales of talking fish and candypacolypses, however those of us in charge of the arena need a break every now and then to maintain our sanity.

We seem to have arrived at a solution, which is a week off after every “round” of stories. What a “round” is hasn’t really been locked down too specifically. We have four or five authors who are denizens of the arena, and we’d like to have each of them compete once and then take a week off. But with vacations and real life and such bothering us, who is competing fluctuates a bit.

At any rate, after the last batch of four stories, we are now on an off-week. We will still be posting here this week, but we will not return with another prompt until next Monday the 28th with a Joseph Devon match. Then the whole cycle will start all over again. This doesn’t mean we are going away entirely for the week, as we will try to post some fun and interesting content for you to check out.

Happy reading!

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