Short Story Battle #44 – Follow Your Nose

Follow Your NoseHello, short story lovers.

Let’s take a look at this week’s prompt.

A writer must make use of all of the senses that humans possess if they are to entrance their readers. They must be able to describe how something looks, that is probably the most obvious. An author must also be able to show their readers how a thing sounds; this follows quite naturally. Writers often discuss how things feel, from the soft fur of a playful cat to the cold sharpness of a knife cutting the hero’s skin, for the sense of touch comes into play very often. And what author has not described a banquet or a simple drink of water and appealed to their reader’s sense of taste?

That leaves one sense, and it is this sense that gives us our prompt this week.

The sense of smell.

Able to distinguish between one trillion different odors, the human nose is far and away the most sensitive organ on the body. On top of that, sensory input interacts directly with the brain, a small portion of which extends into the nasal cavity, making smells a very powerful stimulant indeed. Odors are capable of calling up distant memories from decades past. They are able to evoke imagery of staggering specificity. They can change a person’s mood with a simple shift of the breeze.

Our author’s task this week is to write us a story that hinges on, revolves around, and has everything to do with smell.

How they interpret this prompt is up to them…just as long as they have showcased the notion of smell.

Representing the arena will be Tony Southcotte.

Battling him is BreAnn McCoy:

profileBreAnn McCoy recently graduated from Doane college in Nebraska with her degrees in English and Theatre. She has been trying to get her name out there. She’s loaded all of her work, consisting of short stories and scripts for stage and screen, into a cannon and started shooting it at publishers. Her teeth and ambitions are bared.

Battle #44 starts tomorrow!

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