Short Story Battle #43 – One Wish, Two Wish

One WishShort story lovers, welcome to the second battle in this round at the arena.

This week we start with a question.

What do Scrooge McDuck, Rudyard Kipling, and Christina Aguilera have in common?


Possibly other things too, but we’re going to focus on genies this week at the arena.

And, while the history of genies is expansive with them making appearances as early as the Koran, as the above trio might suggest, we are far more interested in the modern, pop culture, magic-lamp version of this creature made of smoke.

Our authors have to give us a story containing a genie who grants three wishes. They can stray far and wide on what their genie looks like, what rules accompany their powers, where they reside, and all of that. But they have to have a character with the power to grant three wishes.

Albert Berg will represent the arena this week.

Battling him, in his second arena appearance, is Daniel Hale:

securedownloadDaniel Hale is an amateur storyteller living in Massillon, Ohio. An ardent bibliophile an aspiring anglophile, when not writing he spends his time acquiring books faster than he can read them and perfecting his British accent. He has been published in Beorh Quarterly, Revolt Daily, “All Hallow’s Evil” by Mystery and Horror, LLC, “What Has Two Heads, Ten Eyes, and Terrifying Table Manners,” by Mega Thump Publishing, and the upcoming “The Last Diner” by Knightwatch Press. Find him

Our 43rd battle starts tomorrow!

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