Short Story Battle #41 – Walk Like An Addiction

Walk Like an AddictionGreetings, short story lovers.

This week at the arena we are interested in having our endorphin levels completely messed with, our mental reward centers hijacked, and our self-control thrown out the window.

In other words, this week our topic is addiction.

We live in a world that bandies about the word “addiction” with almost no concern for accuracy. People claim addiction to their morning cup of coffee. They plead addiction to sex when they cheat on their spouse. And everyone on the planet has some personal theory about which drugs are most addictive and how such problems should be dealt with.

The arena’s definition of addiction? Well it’s similar to the supreme court’s definition of pornography: We know it when we see it.

With that in mind we asked our authors to tell us a tale about addiction.

Representing the arena this round is Danny Brophy.

Challenging him is Tom Wortman:

Tom lives in Seattle with his wife and two dogs.  Since that sounds incredibly mundane, he’d like to embellish by describing sweeping adventures of vicious robot-human hybrids battles, taming wolves, and spiritual awakenings involving the Cthulhu.  The reality is Tom’s life revolves around wine tastings, sporadic latte addictions, writing rituals, and vague career goals, in no apparent order.

Tom’s short stories have been accepted for publication at Tales of the Zombie War, The Absent Willow, Arcane:  Penny Dreadfuls for the 21st Century, Dark Eclipse, Dark Moon Digest, Horror Novel Review’s Halloween Anthology, and Play With Death Ebook.  His stories, “Voices Carry,” “Ashland,” and “Cities of Dust and Steel,” were selected as winners for various contests at Dark Moon Digest andParsec Ink.

The Clash of Compulsions starts tomorrow!

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