Short Story Battle #39 – There’s Something in the Lake

Bridge for fishing in sunny autumn dayWelcome, short story lovers, to our second battle this go-round.

This week the arena is in the mood for something classic, like vanilla ice cream or a simple black dress. We want to see what the most creative people we know do with a prompt that’s as old as Loch Ness and as vintage as a drive-in monster movie.

So the prompt this week is, simply put, that there’s something in the lake.

We’ll refine that phrase a bit and say that the “something” that is in the lake has to be alive, and it also has to be something that does not normally appear in lakes. Whether it’s murderous, misunderstood, mindless, or malicious, though, we left up to our authors.

Representing the arena this week is Albert Berg.

Competing against him, and making his second arena appearance, will be Ian C. Williams:

Ian C. Williams

Ian C. Williams is a poet and novelist often caught dabbling in other disciplines and gravitating toward coffee and tweed. His work has been published in The Gap-Toothed Madness, Yorick Magazine, and The Idiom, and he has received the Florence Kahn Memorial Award from the National Society of State Poetry Society. He currently resides in Fairmont, West Virginia with his wife, Bailey, and two cats, Tribble and Shenzi.



We dip our toes into the lake tomorrow.

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