Short Story Battle #38 – Weight Loss

Weight LossWelcome, short story lovers, to another round of battles at The Arena.

The CDC reports that more than 37 percent of the United States Population is obese. While the reasons for this are many, it has created a whole industry of weight loss products and fads. Desperate people turn to anything that promises a sexy body or a quick solution to flab. While most of these are snake oil, some of them are flat-out dangerous.

Pop culture has reflected this desire in many movies and books. Zany flicks like The Nutty Professor show the lengths a man is willing to go to be thin. In Stephen King’s Thinner, it isn’t a chemical cocktail but a gypsy curse that leads to dramatic weight loss. In all of these stories there are profound unintended consequences.

Our writers’ task this week is to write a story about weight loss. It doesn’t matter if it relates to a real condition like anorexia nervosa or if it’s something supernatural; all we asked was that our competitors thin out their characters to thicken their plot.

Joseph Devon will be representing the arena.

Challenging him is Lilith Morgan:

LilithLilith Morgan is a horror writer and definitely not a serial killer. Other than working on several novels, she has just released a collection of her short stories, Murderlust, and also has had plays read and performed in Manhattan. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is frequently described by friends and enemies as “adorifying”. You can find her on twitter @morgan_lilith and on tumblr at

The Battle of the Bulge starts tomorrow!

photo credit: Day 99: 31-28-31 via photopin (license)

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