Short Story Battle #37 – The Duel

The DuelWelcome, short story lovers. Do we have a match-up for you this week.

For the first time ever, one of our writers has been called out by a challenger. Thomas Mays, who competed in the Reality Bites Battle, has officially challenged The Arena’s own Danny Brophy for this week’s throw down. The competition has been heated as the two authors went after each other on Twitter while writing their tales.

It got to the point where Tony brought them in for a press conference…which turned out to be AMAZING. Go listen to it. Seriously. Now.

But the behind the scenes drama is not what this week is about. We have our prompt to discuss, and that prompt is a duel.

According to the strict definition, a duel is a contest arranged between two people which employs deadly weapons in order to settle a matter of honor.

We’ll allow a fair amount of leeway concerning the “weapons” that are used in the stories. As far as the arena is concerned, airplanes can duel, banjos can duel, and rappers can duel, so the deadliness of the contest is not definite.

Everything else in the definition, though, seems spot on to us.

Here’s a quick recap of Thomas Mays:

Profile_Pic_1During the day, Thomas A. Mays is a career US Navy officer and all-around Serious Person. At night, when the moon is full, he taps out science fiction with a feverish madness that would likely get him cashiered if his Uncle Sam knew about it. He is the author of numerous short stories in online magazines, and he has published a well-received collection of his military sci-fi shorts, REMO. His debut military SF novel / space opera A Sword Into Darkness, is available on Amazon or your favorite online book retailer. Helpful links can be found on Tom’s blog, The Improbable Author, at: You can reach him on Twitter @improbablauthor.

Battle #37 starts tomorrow!


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  1. My fervent hope is that both Danny and I can make showings strong enough to justify all the lead-up and hype. Best of luck, Doom of Blaster!

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