Short Story Battle #36 – Spelunking

680718772_2d8f68ed43_bWelcome, short story lovers.

This week in the arena we’re going underground. Way underground.

Caves are creepy, there is basically no way around this. They are dark, claustrophobic, and house some of nature’s nastier animals and insects. They have also been at the core of stories about everything from dragons to dwarves to the center of the earth.

Our authors’ task this week is to write a story about a cave. They can go any route they please with this prompt, as long as that route leads us underground to a place where sunlight can’t reach.

Representing the arena we have Tony Southcotte.

Challenging him is David Neilson:

headshotDavid Neilsen is a writer’s writer, a man’s man, and a Libra’s Libra. He lives in Tarrytown, New York with his wife, children, and cats but often tells people he’s from next door Sleepy Hollow because it sounds better. He has published a number of slightly-disturbing short stories and has a debut novel- a middle grade comic horror story- coming out in August, 2016. When not writing, David can often be found talking to himself, but that’s mainly because he works as a professional storyteller. His two one-man shows based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft have sent audience members screaming to the hills throughout the greater New York metropolitan area. For more information on David, his writing, his performances, or his mental state, feel free to visit his website at

The War of the Caves starts tomorrow.

photo credit: Reflective via photopin (license)

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