Short Story Battle #35 – Siren Song

Battle #35 Siren SongWelcome, short story lovers.

We’re in the mood for music this week at the arena…really in the mood for music. Like we want to be completely swept away.

No, we’re not asking our authors to compose a song, but the notion of a character being charmed by music has caught our fancy.

This notion of a musical performance taking control of a character is about as old as music itself. Examples flood to mind from the Pied Piper and his swarm of rats, to Orpheus who charmed death himself, to everyone on earth who has ever had a crush on somebody simply because that person was in a band.

Our authors this week were tasked to write us a story in which a character is charmed by music. The main character can be the charmer or the charmee, it can be set it in any period or genre, we just want to see someone swept away by someone else’s song.

Representing the arena this week is Albert Berg.

Battling him is Tom Leins:

Tom-Leins-2015Tom Leins is a disgraced ex-film critic from Paignton, UK. His short stories have been published by the likes of Akashic Books, Shotgun Honey, Sein und Werden and Saturday Night Reader. He is currently working on his first novel: Thirsty & Miserable. Get your pound of flesh at Things To Do In Devon When You’re Dead.


The Sortie Over Songs begins tomorrow.

photo credit: Black keys, white keys via photopin (license)

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