Short Story Battle #34 – Hungry Hungry Hydrangeas

Hungry HungryWelcome back, short story lovers, to another round of battles. We have some callbacks and call-outs coming our way this month as a couple of past fighters decide to make a return to the arena. And, of course, we’ll have a few newcomers as well.

But enough about the schedule, let’s get down to our first challenge.

The Arena often treks to all parts of the universe for its prompts. We have looked to myth and the cosmos for strange and ethereal creatures, but we often overlook the freaky forms of life right here in our own backyard.

As it happens, the Earth is home to several varieties of carnivorous plant.

Carnivorous. Plants. *shudder*

We’ve got things like Venus fly traps, pitcher plants of many different varieties, and of course Audrey II. These plants have eschewed the meager sustenance of chlorophyll and sunlight in favor of flesh.

Our authors’ challenge this week is to write a story about carnivorous plants. The plants can have any feature and weapon so long as they still fit into the plant category. This includes things such as constricting vines, poison quills, or whatever else our author’s heart desires.

Representing the arena this go-round is Joseph Devon.

Battling him, in his second arena appearance as an author, but umpteenth appearance if we include his insightful judging each week, is none other than Donald Uitvlugt:

Donald Jacob Uitvlugt is our first competitor this week. Donald strives to write what he calls “haiku fiction,” stories that are small in scope but big on impact. Find out more about haiku fiction here. He welcomes comments at his blog or via Twitter @haikufictiondju).

The Fisticuffs of Fauna begins tomorrow.

photo credit: Wasp via photopin (license)

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