Short Story Battle #33 – Arrrrrggh!!

Arrrrggh!It is possible that the title of the post gives this away, but the prompt this week is…pirates.

Salty dogs or third world raiders, something about pirates truly captures the imagination. They’ve had great works written about them with everyone from Robert Louis Stevenson to Edgar Allen Poe taking a crack at tales involving The Jolly Roger.

Now, we know our arena writers like to stray far and wide with their prompts, so we were very clear. A pirate was defined as someone who robs or plunders the vessel of another. No software thieves allowed, thank you.

But as to everything else? That is up to our authors. We just wanted a story with a pirate.

Representing the arena this week is Danny Brophy.

Challenging him is Jordon Rutherford:

JordonI live in Worcester, MA and am a striving, aspiring horror writer. In regards to the Arena, I like to consider myself a Saiyan. The term Saiyan coming from the greatest action cartoon ever created: Dragonball Z. Saiyans become stronger after every battle they engage in. With that said, even if I don’t win my first arena battle, I’ll subsequently become a better writer, challengers beware! A non-fiction piece I wrote was published in the 2011 volume of Thoreau’s Rooster. My goal is to quit my dreaded daytime gig, write epic horror novels, and have coffee and spirited conversations on the state of the horror genre with Stephen King. I say the latter because I once had a dream of such. Contradictorily, I love to read more than write. Much to my disappointment, but to the benefit of pedestrians around me, my lovely girlfriend has halted me from reading while driving on several occasions.

Pirate ships set sail tomorrow.

photo credit: Jolly Roger Pirate Grunge Flag via photopin (license)

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