Short Story Battle #32 – Curses

CursesGood morning, short story lovers, and welcome to another week.

Things are rarely smooth sailing here at The Writer’s Arena, but this week we’re really in for a mess as the prompt is all about curses.

We’re pretty big fans of curses. Curses have that quaint, personal touch you don’t find in prophesies or bad fortunes. Curses are invoked by a specific person, against a specific person, for a specific reason.

Yes, these rules can stretch a bit. In Hawthorne’s The House of Seven Gables, Matthew Maule curses his enemy’s entire family line. And movie mummies always hunt down the person who defiled their crypt, which is sort of a Blank-Check curse that gets invoked when their crypt is sealed with the name getting filled in later when someone disturbs them.

But even these variants have such a nice precision to them. Someone does something wrong, and so they get cursed. It’s all very personal and intimate.

So here is our authors’ task. We asked them for a story in which someone is cursed, and we wanted that curse to be breakable…but those are the only stipulations. As far as the reason for the curse, the effects of the curse, and whether their character escapes from the curse? That is entirely open.

They just have to have a curse on a character, and have that curse be breakable.

Representing the arena this week is Tony Southcotte.

Challenging him is Eric Petty:

Picture of me (1)I had the fortunate demise of being the youngest in my family…by eight years. I was treated like everyone’s child and there is nothing quite like having four mothers and two fathers. I spent a lot of time alone with imaginary friends instead of with my family who constantly worried over me. Those imaginary friends kept my mind pretty busy and ushered my imagination into new and exciting directions. Fortunately, some of those childish things I did not give up. I am glad I can still dream today.

Curses fly tomorrow morning.

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