Short Story Battle #31 – Prison Break

PrisonWelcome back, short story lovers, who’s ready for another battle?

The arena is interested in bars this week, though not the kind serving cocktails. We’re talking about iron bars…iron bars and cement walls. We’re talking about prison. But we’d also like a dash of freedom mixed in as well.

So here is this week’s challenge: We told our authors to write a story about a prison break. There are no restrictions as to genre, time period, or tone, but they must have at least one character who is imprisoned in some way go on to break out of that prison.

Representing the arena this week is Albert Berg.

Challenging him is J. R. Frontera:

Halloween profile picJ. R. Frontera lives in rural Missouri with her husband, son, and a random assortment of four-legged friends. She has been telling stories in some form or another since she could hold a crayon and draw.  She classifies her writing as “speculative fiction with a side of love story”, and sometimes also dabbles in poetry.  She hopes to have a space adventure novella self-published by the end of the 2015 and is in the process of editing a much larger SF novel.  You can follow her writerly escapades at and on Facebook as J. R. Frontera.  She is also on Twitter as @lightning_bug_, so come say hi!

Cell doors close tomorrow morning.

Can’t wait to see how our authors open ’em.


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