Short Story Battle #30 – Water Water Everywhere

4713811101_4909f5abbc_bWe’re back, short story lovers, for another round of arena battles!

This week’s prompt is all about the wet stuff: water.

Water is life. For thousands of years civilization has clustered along seashores, followed rivers, and huddled around lakes. Water dominates the surface of our planet. It provides us with food, transportation, and, of course, it quenches our thirst.

This then is our authors’ task: they were to write a story which is centered around one specific body of water. It may be a trickling creek or a roaring ocean, fresh or salty, real or imagined.

Representing the arena this week is Joseph Devon.

Challenging him is Matt Black:

photo for WAMatthew Black works in a box by day, but at night he breaks out to write stories, usually involving ninjas or flamethrowers, or both. He was born in Savannah, Georgia, but currently lives in Indiana, a place famous for both corn and boredom. He has a serious addiction to buying more books than he’ll ever have time to read, saying stupid things on twitter, and drinking copious amounts of coffee (seriously, these are problems, send help). He has been writing short fiction for five years and is currently writing his first novel, which doesn’t help his coffee addiction. You can find some of his short fiction and some blog posts about the soul-ripping process of novel writing at AlphaMargaritas.

Tomorrow our authors go down to the water, find what dark things may lurk there, and tell us their tale.


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photo credit: Yellow splash via photopin (license)

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