Short Story Battle #29 – Would You Like to Build a Snowman

SnowmanHappy Monday, short story lovers.

We here at the arena often attempt to invoke the lauded history of storytelling with our prompts.

It is a hallowed lineage we trace from Shakespeare to Tolstoy, from Wolfe to Bronte.

At the arena we approach our work with gravitas.

Except for when we don’t.

Sometimes we just get weird ideas and run with them, which is why the prompt for this week is as follows: write a story where a snowman (or snowmen) comes to life.

That’s it. Our authors are allowed to range from Frosty to Jack Frost with this, any genre or concept is welcome.

They just have to have at least one snowman come to life.

Representing the arena this week is Danny Brophy.

Challenging him is Jeff Woodward:

Jeff WoodwardJeff has been writing horror and fantasy shorts, in addition to articles on history, for many years. He was editor at Macabre Cadaver, a speculative horror magazine, and has interviewed actors and musicians from the horror and metal genres. Jeff is also the author of When Giants Speak, a novel of gang life in the 1980s.

Jeff was also a member of REHupa, the Robert E. Howard press association, the amateur press association related to the works of Robert E Howard, creator of Conan.

Jeff’s work can be found here: Jeff Woodward

The battle of the snowmen starts tomorrow.



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