Short Story Battle #27 – It’s About Time


Its About Time

Greetings, short story lovers. Welcome to this week’s battle.

Time travel.

Honestly we’re not sure we need to say more. Usually we’ll list a few examples of our topic at this point going back into the past, but time travel is unique in that basically zero examples of it exist in ancient storytelling.

We as a society seem to want to make up for that, though, because starting in the late 1800’s time travel began showing up everywhere. There are some examples to be found earlier than H.G. Wells, but it was his book The Time Machine that really put this concept into the public conscience.

And since then? Well you’ve got Vonnegut and King and Dick, you have time travel telling love stories and speculative history, you have time machines driving pop culture behemoths like The Terminator and Back to the Future franchises. You can even make a case for Dickens paving the way for all of this by sending Scrooge through time in A Christmas Carol.

Time travel is everywhere…except in the arena.

And that is a problem that we aim to fix this week.

Our authors were tasked with writing us a story about time travel.

Albert Berg represents the arena this go round.

Challenging him is Jenn Collins:

Jenn CollinsJenn is what happens when goths grow up and get a job. She calls Waukesha, Wisconsin her home and her neighbors there know her as the weird girl who keeps chickens in her yard. She blogs at and tweets at @jennyknox13. Every month she spends a day telling a short story via Twitter, 140 characters at a time (Check out #SantaDiesAtTheEnd for a little holiday cheer). She runs long distances to keep the crazy at bay and when that doesn’t work she writes horror stories. She has made all of the most important decisions in her life based on coin flips and song lyrics. So far, things have turned out well.
(thumbnail photo credit: Anvica via photopin cc)

The battle of Time Travel starts tomorrow, May 23rd 1879!


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