Short Story Battle #26 – Attack of the Clones

origin_2941404295Hello, short story lovers, and welcome back to the fray! We’re very excited to be kicking off a new year of battles.

Let’s get right to it and take a look at this week’s prompt.

The history of human mythology and the concept of doppelgangers go hand in hand. Spirit doubles named Ka roamed throughout ancient Egypt and Norse Vardogers acted as spirit doubles that showed people premonitions. In modern literature, Dostoevsky used a doppelganger as a mirror that inverts one’s traits.

Our authors’ challenge? Have one of their characters stumble across their own doppelganger, get to the bottom of the situation, and resolve it. The doppelganger can be insidious, unaware, silly, or whatever they feel is appropriate.

Competing this week for the arena is Joseph Devon.

Challenging him is Rachel Henderson:

Rachel Henderson

Rachel grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and moved to New Orleans in 2004 to attend college and escape the snow.

She is gainfully employed at a law firm, where she crunches numbers and makes spreadsheets. In her spare time, she is either trying to write or playing bagpipes with a band called Kilts of Many Colours.

She also likes spaghetti.


The battle of the doppelgangers begins tomorrow!


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