Short Story Battle #25 – To and Fro

Long journey for success 1Hello, short story lovers, and welcome to our final battle of Women’s Month. This week, for the first time in arena history, two women will face off against each other.

Let’s take a look at their prompt.

Getting from Point A to Point B and back again seems like an easy enough task, and yet the notion of a character taking a trip is as archetypal a story as you can get. There’s Odysseus, Alice, Bilbo, and Goldilocks, to name a few of literature’s more famous wanderers.

So this week the arena is in a travelling mood. Our authors were tasked to write a story about a character who undergoes a journey, and then returns home.

The why’s, when’s, and how’s are completely up to them, as well as the effect, if any, the journey has on their traveler.

All we asked is that someone start out at Point A, go to Point B, and then return to Point A once more.

Representing the arena this week is Hannah-Elizabeth Noelle Thompson.

Challenging her is Becca Elizabeth:Becca Elizabeth

Becca is 20-something teacher and writer who spends too much time thinking about pop-culture and the NHL. She likes listening to musicals (and music she should’ve grown out of in her teens), obsessing over British T.V., and making up for her issues with writing plot by over researching her stories in ridiculous detail.

As far as she knows, she’s never met an avatar of a Greek mythological figure, but there’s still time!

The battle of To and Fro starts tomorrow.


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