Short Story Battle #24 – Heat Applied to Meat

CookingWelcome, lovers of short stories.

This week at the arena we’re cooking with gas! Or charcoal! Or wood burning ovens…or an electric range…or any heating device.

Yes, this week our prompt is about cooking.

We told our authors that their stories must revolve around a character preparing a dish for consumption. They were free to write a love note to the art of cooking, an examination of how cooking factors into modern life, a weird tale about a chef who is crazy, or whatever else they could come up with that centers on food preparation.

This week we have Tony Southcotte representing the arena.

Challenging him is Tabatha Mathis:

Bane of the ArenaTabatha Mathis is a Floridian who is perpetually late and cannot follow instructions. From her home base in Tampa, she spends her time trolling Joseph Devon and the rest of the arena staff with her insubordination. This comes from her gypsy nature, which includes playing with fire hoops, dancing way to late into the night, and being friendly with far too many abandoned cats. Instead of gypsy curses, she is more likely to hack your computer and steal your nude / feline photos.

Battle of the chefs starts tomorrow!

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  1. There is no such thing as ‘abandoned cat’ they are simply cats I haven’t found yet ^^

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