Short Story Battle #23 – A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Caught in the StormShakespeare loved to use them. Odysseus was plagued by them. Major blockbusters center on them.

The idea of a great storm has held humans in thrall since before language was even invented. Every culture, every medium, every time period has had tales in which massive storms play a significant part.

This week’s challenge to our authors was straightforward enough. They were asked to write a story in which a storm is a key factor.

Take note, the arena was not looking for a story in which the characters all happen to be wet from the rain. We wanted the storm in their stories to be so powerful and pervasive that the storm could easily be considered a character unto itself.

This week we have Albert Berg representing the arena.

Challenging him is Lu Whitley:

LuThe name’s Lu Whitley, aka ‘me’ for the remainder of this exercise because writing about yourself in the third person is creepy. So, yeah, me.

I live in Springfield, IL with my husband and our two cat babies. I’m a professional aunt, a part-time fashion merchandiser, and a full-time slave to the voices in my head.

I write a serial novel on my blog: BloodMarked.Wordpress.Com (Insert shameless plug here), and I dabble in the magical art of terrible poetry.

I enjoy snail mail and anything covered in chocolate. And incomplete sentences. Shiny things make me happy. Books are my life. I write lame bios.

The end.

The battle of the storms starts tomorrow!

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