Short Story Battle #22 – The Animal Within

The Animal WithinWelcome, short story lovers!

We have a whole new round of challenges coming up, but this round has a little twist.

We felt there have been far to many Y chromosomes on this site in the past, so it’s time for Ladies Month here in the arena. Our residents will all be facing off against women this go-round. Plus Hannah Elizabeth Thompson will be returning to represent the arena, giving us our first ever woman vs woman battle.

This week, though, Joseph Devon steps up to battle Alyse DeVan over this challenge:

Kafka turned a salesman into a roach. In Greek mythology Proteus took the form of a lion, a serpent, and a pig. In Native American legend the skin-walker could change into any animal he desired. And in classic American literature the Animorphs rocked the frack out.

Transformation into animals, or therianthropy, has been an essential part of storytelling for ages, and now we ask our authors put their own twist on the idea.

The challenge: write a story featuring a character transforming into an animal.

As mentioned, Joseph Devon is representing the arena.

Let’s meet his challenger, Alyse DeVan:

Fun imageAlyse DeVan hails from Southern Colorado – the part of Colorado without yuppies, ski resorts or $12 lattes. When she’s not working as a communications specialist, she nit-picks misspellings in literature, laments the loss of her imaginary friend named Bobo the Penguin, and drinks wine. She hopes to someday learn the meaning of life.


There you have it. The battle of the beast within starts tomorrow!

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