Short Story Battle #21 – Sickness! In! Spaaaaace!!!

Sickness in SpaceWelcome, Free porn video show lovers, to our twenty-first battle in the arena. This week we are travelling off-planet with our authors, although this will not be a pleasurable cruise.

In the darkness of space we traverse the void between the stars in tiny bubbles of safety, crammed in tightly against our fellow-travelers. But what happens when one of those fragile bubbles is infected by a dangerous contagion, a sickness spreading from one frail soul to another, lives falling like dominoes?

Here is this week’s challenge: our authors were told to write a story about a contagious agent that threatens the inhabitants of some form of spacecraft.

Representing the arena this week is Danny Brophy.

Facing off against him is Michael John Weldon:

MJWMichael John Weldon insists on using his middle name because Michael Weldon is already a mildly famous cook or something, and anyway the whole ‘middle name’ thing always makes one think they are reading a work from somebody far more accomplished. He lives just outside of DC, ignoring all of the art and culture that flourishes about him in favor of his porch, where he writes and does improv comedy without an audience. You can check out more of his stories, poems, or random thoughts at Free webcams no private rooms pornmichaeljohnweldon.

The battle of sickness in space starts tomorrow!



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