Short Story Battle #20 – Supervillains

SupervillainHello there, short story lovers! Come in, come in. Welcome to our twentieth battle in the arena. This week we have dastardly deeds on our mind.

What sort of trials must a man go through to make them decide that money takes precedence over morals, life, or self? What makes a woman decide that absolute power is more important than anything else?  What makes anyone decide that the world has to end?

This week the arena asked our authors to create a bad-guy, but not just a run-of-the-mill murderer. No, their task is to tell the origin of a super-villain. We obviously drew on comic books for this prompt, and the stories will have to take place on earth, but other than that our authors are free to have superpowers be a part of their tale, or to leave them out and paint things in a more naturalistic tone.

Representing the arena this week is Tony Southcotte.

Challenging him is Jeff Martin:

Jeff Martin Twitter PhotoJeff Martin is a poet, aspiring novelist and singer/songwriter based out of northern CA. Having a deep love of the written word since an early age, Jeff’s first loves in literature were the fantasy series novels of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. In his teens, Jeff fell in love with the works of Terry Goodkind and Terry Brooks. Jeff has always dabbled in writing but did not seriously begin producing prose until earlier this year. He is working on the first novel in a fantasy series, a sci-fi thriller and is a prolific poet and short story writer. You can learn more about him at The Oak Wheel.

The Battle of the Supervillains starts tomorrow!


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  1. I am very excited to read Tony’s story!!

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