Short Story Battle #19 – Reality Bites

Magnifying Glass with Psychological Concept.Welcome, lovers of short stories. This week in the arena we are examining what we know to be real.

Demons, ghosts, poltergeists, talking insects..anyone who claims to have experienced such things usually gets dismissed as a nut case. Nobody actually sees ghosts, they just hallucinate them. Nobody actually hears demons, that’s just schizophrenia. Nobody can smell UFO’s, that’s just phantosmia. There are no boogie men, only brain disorders.

For these stories, though, things aren’t so clear.

We asked our authors to get into someone’s head and to create a delusion so compelling that the poor human suffering from it can’t tell if he’s crazy, or if it is everyone else that’s gone mad.

Or, coming at it from the other direction, they were asked to introduce a demon, spirit, alien, what have you into someone’s life and make it cunning enough to never allow itself to be disproved.

Representing the arena this week is Albert Berg.

Challenging him is Thomas Mays:

Profile_Pic_1During the day, Thomas A. Mays is a career US Navy officer and all-around Serious Person. At night, when the moon is full, he taps out science fiction with a feverish madness that would likely get him cashiered if his Uncle Sam knew about it. He is the author of numerous short stories in online magazines, and he has published a well-received collection of his military sci-fi shorts, REMO. His debut military SF novel / space opera A Sword Into Darkness, is available on Amazon or your favorite online book retailer. Helpful links can be found on Tom’s blog, The Improbable Author, at: You can reach him on Twitter @improbablauthor.

Battle #19 starts tomorrow!


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