Ladies Month in the TWA

i-am-no-broIt has come to our attention that women have been drastically under represented in the arena, and we’re looking to rectify that here and now.

After the current round of 4 authors, we want to host a month of Writer’s Arena battles exclusively between female authors, and we need new competitors to make this happen.

Here’s what we need you to do:

Send us an email at thewritersarena @ gmail dot com; drop a short bio and an example of your previous writings or short stories.

Make sure you bring the literary heat with your stories, as The Writer’s Arena is no place for flimsy plots or poor characters. This is a meritocracy, and you will need all of your writing skills to survive.

We’ve recently upped our pay rates for authors competing in the arena to $20 per story.

Check out our ‘Want to Compete?‘ section for more details.

Spread the word.

Ladies Month is coming.

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