Drinking With the Arena: The One of Nine

one-of-nineNot only did Phil Melchers write a story for us last week, he also created a wonderful new libation he calls the “One of Nine.” Read his story, try his drink, and be sure to let us know what you thought of both.

One does not need a degree in English Lit to understand the correlation between writing and cocktails. For example, it’s hard to avoid discussion of Hemmingway without trudging up the typical rumours concerning his invention of the Bloody Mary (not true) or his famous quote, “Write Drunk, Edit Sober,” (also not true). So, in following this tradition, I thought I would celebrate the recent publication of my short story “One of Nine” by inventing a new cocktail. Please drink responsibly.

I am not a bartender. In fact, I usually am the cook. Still, I have a fundamental idea of taste and enough experience with alcohol that I, with my partner, can on inspired occasion whip up something interesting. In this case, everything within the following recipe was made up on the fly and from the random findings currently cluttering our home. Also, I suppose I should admit that my partner and I are both quite the purveyors of social events (especially since inventing our drinking game), thus justifying the amount of half-drank bottles available to us for such experiments. Yes, we do love our shots.

The first ingredient you’re going to need is what inspired us to play bartender: a custom batch of homemade Iced Tea. You see, with my partner working in travel he often comes home with bags of tea gleaned from his many destinations. This has provided us quite the back-up supply as I usually drink coffee and really only prefer herbal tea before bedtime. I thus decided to make Iced Tea in an attempt to lesson our load of specifically English Breakfast Tea.

I followed a typical recipe found on the internet, spicing it up later by fusing in a bottle of apple cider. For an exact recipe, use Apple Bandit, a brand of cider that is now part of the Heineken family. I wasn’t paid to say this – it’s just currently the best, readily available cider we have here in Amsterdam.

Once the iced tea is made combine the following into a martini shaker:

-1 shot of Jim Bean

-½ shot Grand Marnier

-½ Jaggery (Palm Sugar Liquor)

-3 drops of Angostura bitter

-9 Blueberries.

Then, just add your iced tea and shake with ice before straining. The result should have a fruity innocence corrupted by a smoky taste with bodies of blueberries floating within its murky, rusted brown aesthetic. Well suited for my story, don’t you think?

And that’s all folks!

I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in this week’s Writer’s Arena. Though I won this round by default, I’m still happy to have been able to share my writing with this community. I had a lot of fun writing for this contest, and even more fun inventing a new cocktail, a tradition I will continue for any future story that I get published. So once again, thank you for this experience and hopefully I’ll see you all again.

10676266_10153039383492184_1095196543774875507_nPhillip Melchers is an expat Canadian currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with his partner, Johno who may or may not be an animated cartoon dog. By their powers combined, they have created the card-based adventure drinking game BaRPG (Barpg.eu). He has also co-written a novel, Future-Now, which is currently seeking a publisher. In his free time Phillip enjoys the finer tastes of Belgian beer and hunting the streets of foggy medieval towns in hopes of finding the truest of the hug ninjas. If found, please contact him immediately. Other than that he enjoys bad cinema, great books, better beer, terrible puns, and insisting that everyone sees at least one David Cronenburg film in their life.

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  1. Just here to quietly ad my voice to any calls for a repeat engagement – SOON – for Phil.

    His misuse of tea is entirely forgivable in the light of what he turns it into…and how good his story was.

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