Daisy Daisy Work of Art

origin_4775402063Way back in the pre-dawn of history, Tony Southcotte sent Joseph Devon a surprise writing prompt with the idea that Joseph would write a story about it in a short length of time, and then turn around and challenge Tony with a new surprise prompt.

Albert Berg, though, decided that he wanted to try too, and so he and Joseph posted stories on the same day based on Tony’s challenge to write a paranormal western.

The two stories appearing at the same time created a natural competition, and The Writer’s Arena was born.

Jen Guitreau created this work based on Al’s story, “Daisy Daisy.” It made the rounds a bit when she first sent it to us, but we very much wanted to showcase it here: our first piece of fan art based on our first arena battle:


thumbnail photo credit: Steve A Johnson via photopin cc

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