Book and a Brew: Thank You, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse.

It’s pronounced “Woodhouse”.  I have no idea why, please don’t ask me about it. If you read, the chances are you’ve been introduced to The Hero’s Journey.  It’s a narrative form – your Hero is called to embark on an adventure.  He or she faces perils, learns much about themselves … Continue reading

TWA Press Conference – Brophy vs. Mays

The Writer’s Arena is nearing its most anticipated match to date. Powerhouse author Thomas A. Mays is set to face off against arena veteran Danny Brophy. These two literary titans have been at tearing into each other over social media for weeks. We decided to throw some gasoline on that fire and … Continue reading

Q & A With Our Judges


Good morning TWA people! With the success of J.R. Frontera’s Q&A we decided that we would give this another shot. Before we get started, don’t forget to check out our current battle. It’s all about pirates! For many, many months, we have had Rich Alix and Donald Jacob Uitvlugt judge our contests. … Continue reading

Arena Tips: The Semicolon and You

A lot of the stories we’ve edited on here have contained some confusing and/or incorrect choices when it comes to writing. We are not grammar fanatics here at the arena, but brushing up on the basics never hurts. Today we’ll be discussing: The Semicolon Do: Use a semicolon to separate two complete … Continue reading